November 9th, 2011

Journal article on gamification systems to increase work efficiency in companies
(in German; with Tim Meggert for TMC-Systems GmbH)

Details will follow after publication.


Paper on Security of P2P-based Incentive Schemes
(for the Department of Computer Science at TU Darmstadt; publication will be in March 2012)

In P2P systems, peers share resources which enable wide range of distributed services, e.g., file sharing like aMule and BitTotrrent. However, majority of nodes behave rationally (called: free-riders) and create tensions among each others. As a result, it effects collective welfare and quality-of-service of of P2P systems and applications. To tackle free-riding and improve overall quality of P2P systems, incentive mechanisms are used to punish free-riders and improve the collaborations of participating peers. Yet, these mechanisms are susceptible to attacks and mis-uses which need a considerable investigations.

The tasks of this seminar are: to describe the problem stated above and to survey potential strategies to misuse / attack incentive schemes of P2P systems. The student might focus on (but is not restricted to) three classes of attacks: (i) Denial of Service (DoS), (ii) ID-based, and (iii) Collusion-based attacks.


Sepandar Kamvar et al., Incentives for Combatting Freeriding on P2P Networks
Seth Nielson et al., A Taxonomy of Rational Attacks
Bram Cohen, Incentives build Robustness in BitTorrent

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